Our Philosophy

In today’s stressful environment, many people find themselves having difficulty coping with their problems. Even the most well adjusted person, at times becomes depressed or simply unable to deal with the demands of everyday life. Events like a divorce, loss of job or loss of a loved one may thrust us into a changing and sometimes unforgiving world. Our life begins to feel out of control and we may feel powerless to change the direction in which our life is heading.
Most people experience these feelings at some point in their lives. Roald Garcia, Psy.D. and the caring staff at Associates for Psychological Services provide professional guidance and counseling at those times when confusion seems to be your closest friend. In business since 1987, we are dedicated to the practice of individual, family, marital and substance abuse therapy. Dr. Garcia is a licensed Clinical Psychologist providing psychotherapy, personality assessment and is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist.
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